ice cream shout screams too.

If you have seen us on live shows you may have heard us shout a bit, 
a kind of shy shout. 
I really like those cozy pop songs but i wanna scream and shout too.
we're actually working on a new song that has been like one of my dreams.
so i hope we'll do it well on stage and recording.

We practice at a rental studio in Osaka once or twice in a week.
After we practice we usually go to an udon restaurant nearby, they have cheep and delicious things. 
But yesterday, Jun, Bob and  I went to a ramen shop instead. It was good. Only we ladies got napkins to put on our clothes and also ice cream after the meal. 
It was nice but felt sorry for the men!



About us / 自己紹介

2007年春にボブとミカのデュオが結成される。それぞれが書いた曲や共作の曲をピクニックや展覧会、インスタレーション、ライブハウスなどで披露。友人が、自分がカラオケでThe Whoを歌う時の様子ををボブに英語で説明したときの言葉が、バンド名「ice cream shout」の誕生のきっかけ。

2008年の初めにはスウェーデンのレーベル、ラブラドールのThe Sound of Arrowsのデビューシングル「Danger!」を独自のテイストを盛り込んでリミックス。ice cream shout versionとして彼らのデビューEPに収録され、後にアメリカの人気ドラマ「ゴシップガール」で使用される。その後フミとジュンが加入。バンド編成になり、twee(アノラックやネオアコに属するかわいい音楽)からより幅を広げたダイナミックなポップへと進化していく。また、ギタリストのクリスの参加によってライブでのサウンドが一層厚みを帯びるようになる。
2009年初夏にはセルフタイトルのアルバムを自主リリース。スウェーデンの人気アーティストName The Petのファーストアルバム収録曲「London」のカバーを依頼され、iTunes Storeでのボーナストラックに抜擢される。秋にはスウェーデン国営ラジオの人気番組「P3 POP」でインタビューが放送された。その後、ジュンが渡米により脱退。2011年春よりミカは活動休止中。新たにドラマーのカナとアルバムのアートワークを手がけるヒャンスンがキーボードで加入。

mika and bob met and started as a duo in spring of 2007. using a combination of songs composed individually and cooperatively they played a number of acoustic sets at picnics, art installations and clubs. Upon hearing band friend, Ryu's attempt at an english description of his karaoke performance of a certain Who song, the band name ice cream shout was born.

early in 2008 mika and bob, eschewing the typical remix, contributed a cover version of the Sound of Arrows' Danger to their Labrador Records debut single. soon after, friends fumi and jun joined the band transforming the once duo into a full-on band, and their previously twee sound into a broader, more dynamic pop sound. the recent addition of chris on guitar further increased the bands live presence.

In early spring of 2009 the band released their first self-titled album. Then made a cover on Sweden's pop star Name The Pet's song " London" and it is included in her album on iTunes store as a bonus track. Mika was interviewed by "P3 POP", a pop music program on the Swedish national radio. Jun left the band for US in the winter and now we are a four piece band now and have regular live shows mostly in Osaka.


4th show, first post

yesterday was our first show in kyoto and our fourth show overall. we played at a very nice place called UrBANGUILD for a sort of tryout show. if they like us they'll have us back apparently. we're getting better with each show but i'm still not at all satisfied with my own performance. we need a few more energetic songs to really make some noise i think. mostly we just need more experience and confidence. i had a lot of fun playing with my friends though and that's most important.

the venue was very cool and the people very kind but the acoustics of the room didn't suit our singing style. the walls are very hard and there weren't a lot of people so it's a very hard room to manage acoustically, especially with quiet singers like Mika and i. maybe it was the table blocking the monitors but at times i couldn't hear myself and it made singing difficult. i guess i just need to get used to it. in any case i hope we get to play there again.


19 ocober at UrBANGUILD