end of winter update

ice cream shout is safe. Kansai was pretty much untouched (knock on wood). we could feel it here but not enough to be a danger. a tsunami is unlikely to affect our area as well. the tsunami videos are unbelievable. it's hard to imagine the feelings of the people dealing with it on the ground.

in other news of far less significance by comparison, tomorrow, Mika will be moving to Thailand with no definite plan to return. she's decided not to quit the band but it remains to be seen how much she will be able to contribute. in the meantime, Chris, Fumi and myself will continue on as before. we're looking for a drummer and a multi instrumentalist to help us play live so if you know anyone, send them our way. there is also the possibility of a collaboration with a "sister" band of ours.

a week after Mika leaves, my friend Paul will be returning from new zealand to resume his adventure in Japan. at least temporarily he'll be crashing here and we're planning to get our dj/producer unit moving again. hopefully we'll have something to share this spring.

also with the spring comes my annual job change. i've decided to quit one of my jobs so i can have more time for music. after a year of basically working 60 hours a week i'm burned out and desperate to work on music more. i think my original plan of having a physical release each for ics and Cloudy Busey may not happen this year but things will definitely pick up soon. we've got quite a few songs on the burners and they just need some attention from a less overworked producer.



This Friday! Mashroom Mania

日時:2011年3月4日(金) 23:00〜ALLNIGHT / DATE: friday 4 march 23:00~all night

会場:地下一階 / VENUE:chika-ikkai

・Yuri Hirai -la reine Reinette
・Akemi Taniguchi -Dressy Bessy-
・Izumi Sawamoto -NUDE RESTAURANT-
・Masaki Okuyama -UNTI-UTOPIA-

・ice cream shout




You'll get a free zine about music by the DJs.


・<normal plan>¥1,800+1drink(¥500)(total ¥2300)
・<special mushroom plan>¥1500 +1drink(¥500)(total ¥2000)

 当日「キノコアイテム」持参のお客様はエントランスチャージが300円OFF!! になります。アクササリー、ドレスの柄、マッシュルームカットなどなど、キノコにまつわるものならなんでもOK。"生モノ"も受け付けます。エリンギ1パック、マイタケ1房、シイタケの石突、エノキ1本からでも大歓迎!!何でもいいからエントランスで自慢のキノコをご呈示くださいね!!

If you bring any "mushroom items" you'll get discount of 300 yen off. Anything about/in the shape of mushroom is welcome; accessories; textile pattern of your dress; mushroom haircut; real mushroom.

Tattooed Tears

heaven knows you're miserable now 
but it's the path you chose 
and now you pay with years 
in pelican bay (here we come for sure) 
so you shanked a few 
and you've gone a bit numb to it 

but on the day the doors open up for you 
you believe there will be 
a life waiting there for you 
in the fields of Salinas 

when you shout something louder than bombs 
it's just the chance you take 
but your tattooed tears done in the yard 
they won't dry today 
you've lost your love for good 
to those damn Surenos 

but on the day the doors open up for you 
you believe there will be 
a life waiting there for you 
in the fields of Salinas 

there is no love 
there is no peace with you 
but there is an understanding here 

there no chance 
there is no way without it 
and this will change everything you know 
about it

Boys from the cathedral town

Oh it was a lovely day
I stayed with the boys from the cathedral town
They never let me down
Took a walk down the woods

And it's an old story like good melodies
Such good memories I have
Like sound of the footsteps in the snow
Like sad and beautiful sound of the saw

Cathedral town was very white
And we were wrapped in red, black and snow
and ice was filling the roads
We got dots on our coats

Room Of Pain

The maple tree is growing taller
And my heart is getting colder
Now I've read through the book I borrowed from you
There wasn't too much sorrow

And you come to my room
The room of pain
Painted in green and brown and it's clean
It's clear, you love me

You were reading a book alone
The people you love were all gone
And The Animal in the book
was growing bigger than the way you look

And we smoke on my roof
My neighbourhood is passing by
Does he know that we like his own trail in the snow?

It's my shout

They say something to me
I'm not sure exactly what it is
Oh how cruel they could be
They don't know how good this is

I might have said yes
But I meant no, no, no no no no no

Last night you heard me scream
I don't know what happened in my dream
You said you would take me out
Don't worry, it's my shout

I might have said yes
But I meant no, no, no no no no no

Between You & I

Somewhere between you and I
Someone is stuck inside

There are some things that you won't be seeing
Some things are truly meaningful to me

Somewhere between you and I
I always hear someone sigh

Smears on the ceiling know my feelings
Only they know what we've been dealing with


Marianne, blue and white
White and grey
You're up all night
And sleep all day

I don't remember what you were working for
You were working at my school
I don't remember if I ever talked to you

Blue, blue and white
white, white and red
The sun, the sun shines bright
And you're staying, staying in bed

But Marianne
Tall and thin
Looking kind of nervous
I remember you

Marianne, I don't know if you believe
the combination of things
that led me to the place I was that day
I was into you
I was so into you
But I could no more talk to you than I could float up out the window

Sweet and lovely
I'll never know you

I know that moving on to a better job
would be good for you

and all those places you can go there now

But Marianne
We'll miss you