4th show, first post

yesterday was our first show in kyoto and our fourth show overall. we played at a very nice place called UrBANGUILD for a sort of tryout show. if they like us they'll have us back apparently. we're getting better with each show but i'm still not at all satisfied with my own performance. we need a few more energetic songs to really make some noise i think. mostly we just need more experience and confidence. i had a lot of fun playing with my friends though and that's most important.

the venue was very cool and the people very kind but the acoustics of the room didn't suit our singing style. the walls are very hard and there weren't a lot of people so it's a very hard room to manage acoustically, especially with quiet singers like Mika and i. maybe it was the table blocking the monitors but at times i couldn't hear myself and it made singing difficult. i guess i just need to get used to it. in any case i hope we get to play there again.


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