Cloudy Busey - pound your town to hell

Cloudy Busey - pound your town to hell from ice cream shout on Vimeo.

ice cream shout now has a video camera. actually a DSLR that shoots HD video. Mika and i have started making a video for broken by inertia, a new song that we've started playing live. hopefully we'll have it done by the end of this month.

in the meantime, i've started another project - just myself - called Cloudy Busey. get it? clever huh. it just came to me. i was thinking of using outdoorminer but by now it's kinda cheating to use another band's song for your band name.

ice cream shout songs come from a variety of sources. some are just me, some are just Mika and others from the group as a whole. some of my own songs don't work with ice cream shout, not always from a difference in sound but the simple fact that we could never play it live. it seemed pointless to use such a song for a band when the band will never really use it. Cloudy Busey will be the outlet for these orphans.

the first of these orphans is called 'pound your town to hell'. it's an ethereal and cinematic narrative about teenagers on motorcycles living in a mountain town. if i had the cast of the outsiders or even the lost boys, wes anderson and a welsh mining town at my disposal i would have made a video for it. actually i would have made a whole movie for it. sadly i don't so a repurposed edit of Psychomania will have to suffice. some of the visuals are in line with what i was imagining as i wrote the song so i'm satisfied for now but consider it a stand in for the video that never was.

i hope you enjoy it.


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Di said...

I listened to this gem of a song on guerolitomusic and am such a huge fan. Brilliant video as well. Can't wait to hear more!