NEWS-Tattooed Tears Metrotune Remix & artwork!!

Metrotune from the same country we live in made an amazing remix of Tattooed Tears!

The remix had a premier on Stadiums and Shrines and the post has an interview with Bob.

Then on the Swedish blog No Modest Bear  the remix comes with a brand new art work! The art work is done by Thom James from Britain.

There is a blog called Make Believe Melodies and this must be the best guide to the Japanese music scene! They or he or she (i guess he) writes about artist from famous J-POP stars to some unknown indie bands found on myspace. And he could be friends with Bob cause they both like J Dilla...

Anyway he (or she or they) didn't only wrote about the remix but also about mikafika. (and also about our new friends Twinkle Twinkles!)

I love this article from september!


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