We've been quiet for a while...
Australian Indie Pop Party was a lot of fun!
It is really nice to get to know new people through music.
And of course to discover really good music too!!
I'll put up some pictures from the show on the next post.

We have some news, so I'll write down a brief list below..

1. Name The Pet cover

Well I wrote about it a while ago in Japanese and maybe you understood it from the links and pictures, but we recorded a cover song called London. It is a really beautiful song which was originally written by a Swedish star called Hanna Brandén aka Name The Pet.
You can see her playing the song in the video below and listen to the cover on our myspace page.

2. Interview

I was interviewed by the Swedish national radio program called P3 POP.
It's great but feels a little unreal because it's been my favorite favorite program for many years.
Anyway you can listen to the interview on monday between 22:03 and 24:00 on the radio in Sweden or even on internet afterwards. (it's all in Swedish though)

スウェーデンの国営ラジオ局の素敵なポップ専門番組、P3 POPに電話でインタビューされました。スウェーデン語のみですが、火曜からここで聴けますー。スウェーデンに住んでた頃からのお気に入り番組だったので、自分がでるなんて思ってもいませんでしたが大変光栄です。

3. Webshop

Finally you can order our CD even if you don't live in Japan!
Yay! We'll add some more stuff soon!
Shipping cost is free!


4. show

Our next show is...actually today!
We'll play at the familiar venue Para-Dice in Osaka.


open. 18:30 / start. 19:00
adv 1000 yen / door 1300 yen(+500 yen for a drink)
藤原弘尭バンド式 / Ice Cream Shout/ ナカノノナカノナカノ
Ogasawara Hiroyuki Group「破」 / the cubridemens

lots of love/mika

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