Australian Indie Pop Party Night

Hi, it's been a month since the event "Australian indie pop party night".
And now the report is here..
It was a great fun heart warming night!
I love all the musicians that played there and the people that came!


Sam J NIcholson

Billy Whims

I don't know how to rotate this picture...


I think she always hides her face when she performs as Scraps.
It was cool!

I got to sing a Scraps song ("sex") together! What an honor.

pictures taken by Masaya, Emi and Mika

Sam and Bridget (billy whims) stayed at our house in Nara and we hanged out in the park and met deer, went to temples and 100 yen store. We did some craft together and they made us delicious food!

Here they are making "picklets" for breakfast.

They were tiny tiny pancakes and we made rabbit versions too. It was yummy and fun to eat.

They told us about their hometown in Tasmania and showed us pictures.
I'd really really love to visit there!
They are now in America, and Dollface and Scraps are in Finland now.
I hope they are having a good time thought it's cold and dark outside.

See you soon

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