album review-review

thanks to Richard at MOKB for the retroactive review of our first album. I think his review is pretty spot on and it mirrors a lot of my thoughts about it. it was our first record and thus was more of an experiment than a coherent statement. there were a lot of compromises and missteps but we learned a lot from them. as debuts go it was more Pablo Honey than Appetite for Destruction.

in retrospect the biggest mistake was the medium. it was really meant to be vinyl. and that vinyl was meant to be played on Mika's warped plastic record player with one tinny sounding speaker. without that vibe it doesn't match my imagination. hopefully we can remedy that in the future with a proper vinyl release for people to play on their own dilapidated turntables.

for the next release we are still debating what to do logistically. is there any reason to make albums? should we just make singles? I'm really excited about making videos too. I want to have videos for every song. if you want to make a video with us or for us, please let us know. or not, just go ahead and do it.

in any case the next release is coming soon and i am really excited about it.


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