Cloudy Busey - broken by inertia

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finally Cloudy Busey has a new song. actually it's old as shit. 

we are still working hard on new ice cream shout and Cloudy Busey material but I figured we should put something out to remind everyone that we're still alive. 

this song was written about three years ago and ice cream shout has been playing it live for quite a while but the recording had been stuck at 90% until recently. my DJing partner Paul started a remix that I really loved and it inspired me to finish the original.

I also ran into Hyang Soon who did the art on our first record and begged her to do something for this song. I really love it. it's pretty!!

we've made a video for it starring missing band member mikafika. it's our first 100% original video. no cool old grainy video to prop us up. i figured I was depriving future generations of the chance to associate their nostalgia with a medium more representative of the actual time period. kids of the future should look back at us and say "1080i video is so fucking cool, look at how shitty it was!" i was being bad a ancestor as they say so i bought a dslr and these scenes were basically the first footage I shot with it. for my first video I'm pleased, it's way better than the first song I wrote. And Mika turned out to be a pretty good actress.

I hope you like it. 


Cloudy Busey - broken by inertia from ice cream shout on Vimeo.

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