end of winter update

ice cream shout is safe. Kansai was pretty much untouched (knock on wood). we could feel it here but not enough to be a danger. a tsunami is unlikely to affect our area as well. the tsunami videos are unbelievable. it's hard to imagine the feelings of the people dealing with it on the ground.

in other news of far less significance by comparison, tomorrow, Mika will be moving to Thailand with no definite plan to return. she's decided not to quit the band but it remains to be seen how much she will be able to contribute. in the meantime, Chris, Fumi and myself will continue on as before. we're looking for a drummer and a multi instrumentalist to help us play live so if you know anyone, send them our way. there is also the possibility of a collaboration with a "sister" band of ours.

a week after Mika leaves, my friend Paul will be returning from new zealand to resume his adventure in Japan. at least temporarily he'll be crashing here and we're planning to get our dj/producer unit moving again. hopefully we'll have something to share this spring.

also with the spring comes my annual job change. i've decided to quit one of my jobs so i can have more time for music. after a year of basically working 60 hours a week i'm burned out and desperate to work on music more. i think my original plan of having a physical release each for ics and Cloudy Busey may not happen this year but things will definitely pick up soon. we've got quite a few songs on the burners and they just need some attention from a less overworked producer.


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