Marianne, blue and white
White and grey
You're up all night
And sleep all day

I don't remember what you were working for
You were working at my school
I don't remember if I ever talked to you

Blue, blue and white
white, white and red
The sun, the sun shines bright
And you're staying, staying in bed

But Marianne
Tall and thin
Looking kind of nervous
I remember you

Marianne, I don't know if you believe
the combination of things
that led me to the place I was that day
I was into you
I was so into you
But I could no more talk to you than I could float up out the window

Sweet and lovely
I'll never know you

I know that moving on to a better job
would be good for you

and all those places you can go there now

But Marianne
We'll miss you

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